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Tuesday, 09 May 2023 18:35

How not to get bored while traveling by car?

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It's getting warmer outside, and this allows us to make plans for spring weekends. May holidays are ahead of us, and then we are approaching the holidays in big steps.

However, when planning long trips, remember that often our family is simply bored while driving. To avoid this, we can think about installing various multimedia systems in our cars. There are so many offers of this type of devices. Starting from small monitors, to car tablets, and ending with fully equipped multimedia stations with monitors, e.g. 15'.
During longer routes, not only our children sitting in the back seats can watch a movie. Remember that when driving for a long time, we also need rest as drivers. In such a situation, we can stop in the parking lot and relax watching a comedy by J.

An additional advantage of this type of solutions is, for example, when traveling with a motorhome, mounting a DVD player with a monitor there. Of course, we assume that we are going to take a break from TV on vacation, but sometimes we can record a movie with our participation during the day and watch it in the evening, remembering the day.

Before we decide to buy the right player and monitor, we must first assess how much space we have for it. We should also consider the amount allocated for this purchase, as well as how much we want and how we will attach the monitors.

One option in terms of 2-in-1 is to buy a monitor with a DVD player. Here it remains the question of choosing the size of the monitor and at the same time the funds we want to spend on this purchase. We can invest in one or two such monitors with a DVD drive.
depending on the available space. In this case, an additional advantage is the included headphones. It will be easier for us to watch anything without disturbing each other.

We can also use the DVD player as a separate device and additionally install monitors. And here also, when it comes to the dimensions of the monitor, we have several sizes to choose from, e.g. 8' to 19'. The larger ones are usually installed in larger motorhomes or coaches and buses.