Monday, April 22, 2024

In its latest unveiling for the Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Balenciaga, known for its unconventionality, surprised the fashion world with yet another unconventional accessory – a bracelet in the form of a roll of adhesive tape. However, what is most surprising is the price tag of this accessory, which amounts to a staggering 3000 euros. What lies behind such a high price? Let's take a closer look at the history and philosophy of the Balenciaga brand to understand the context of this extraordinary proposition.

Lillede kinkimine on suurepärane traditsioon, mis võimaldab teil väljendada oma hoolivust, armastust ja austust oma lähedaste vastu. Ja muidugi võivad lilled olla suurepärane kingitus meestele ja lilled kulleriga kohaletoimetamine võib nende päeva hämmastavaks muuta. Siiski võib valik tekitada mõningaid raskusi. Selles artiklis vaatame, milliseid lilli mehele kinkida ja milliseid sümboleid nad kannavad.

Tuesday, 09 May 2023 18:50

The history of women's high heels

Which one of you are great, classic black high heels? Probably each of you has a product that can be a representation of charm and aesthetics.

Double-sided sheepskin coats, with side fasteners and knitted hoods, are models of clothes that are more and more often noticed by ladies. So what is the secret of this type of clothing that its popularity is growing year by year?

Tuesday, 09 May 2023 18:46

Maternity fashion tips

When a woman becomes pregnant, it is the most beautiful moment in her life. At first, all this seems beautiful and fascinating, but over time there comes a moment when the pants start to be too tight, and the blouses are short and tight. The rapidly growing belly makes it necessary to change the current clothes for new, most fashionable outfits. During this period, we will need maternity clothes, so you need to think about its choice so that it can be used for delivery.

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