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The history of women's high heels

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Which one of you are great, classic black high heels? Probably each of you has a product that can be a representation of charm and aesthetics.

High-heeled shoes and their popularization in fashion is associated with an extensive past, dating back to antiquity. At the beginning of the 15th century, heels began to be added to everyday flat shoes, which were designed to perform a certain role and were created for ... gentlemen. Gentlemen, thanks to the pins, could better keep their legs in the stirrups, which improved their horse riding. And more than that, it provided them with a sense of a higher standard of living.

The first girl to wear high heels was Catherine de Medici, a Medici princess. The celebration she chose for the introduction of high-heeled shoes was her wedding in 1533 to the succeeding leader of France, Henry the Second. The legend shows that Catherine of the Medici was a short woman with an ordinary appearance, which is why she gained a few centimeters in height thanks to high heels. It is worth mentioning that in the past, a high heel was usually mounted on the central part of the sole of the shoe, which was associated with a terrible feeling of pain and very often caused deformation of the feet.
The time of the tragic Revolution in France was the fault of the fact that high-heeled shoes were virtually removed from current trends and women's fantasies for about a century. They conquered fashion again at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and have remained in women's salons to this day. A special point was the construction of a high-heeled shoe factory in the United States, and the first inventor of this type of shoes was O. Kliczka, who designed an effective and reliable system for fixing the pin on the sole of the shoe. However, the 1950s gave women the opportunity to wear a modern and safe high heel.

We can consider Roger Vivier and Christian Dior as the main promoters of this type of shoe. Stylish shoes also owe a lot to celebrities such as, for example, Marylin Monroe, who shortened one pin in her shoe, which made her walk much more feminine, but also Audrey Hepburn, who introduced an elegant style of clothing, and it made women more and more often began to put on simple, traditional clothes, but also dark high heels, which are still considered classic and elegant.