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Family car

Family car Family car pixabay

It is known that youth must have fun - this maxim also applies to cars. When a young man starts his professional life after graduation, his first purchase will probably be a typical sports car, or - if he is limited by finances - a small vehicle in which the owner and suitcase can easily fit, but the passenger may already have his knees under the chin.

Features of the perfect car

It is known, however, that the time of carefree youth will not last forever and one day we will start a family and have offspring, which will have to be transported quite safely from point A to point B. Fortunately, the times when the whole family went to Golden Sands by "beetle" are over behind. Anyway, now such a solution would be unacceptable, because there should be child seats in a family car. So what features should an ideal car for the whole family have? First of all, the size that will allow you to pack inside all members of our basic social cell, luggage of individual household members and a cage with a cat - however, the car cannot be too big, because how to maneuver such a monster in the urban jungle? The second thing - the car should be safe. This feature is ensured, for example, by special impact-absorbing bumpers, airbags and seat belts that automatically lock in the event of sudden movement. And finally - it would be nice if our dream car was economical to maintain. And I don't think anyone will be offended if it looks nice...

Advantages of minivans

In this case, a nice minivan will be a good solution. Cars of this type are produced in four classes - i.e. four sizes, the larger of which can have additional, fold-out seats. Such a solution was used, among others, in the Mazda 5 car, which - depending on the needs - can change from an ordinary five-seater car into a seven-seater minibus, which can easily transport half of the kindergarten. An additional advantage of minivans is that they have a spacious trunk, thanks to which we will avoid (larger) rows of what we can take on vacation. And the last good news - most of the new cars of this type have obstacle detection sensors that facilitate parking, which is not without significance when maneuvering cars slightly larger than the average passenger car.