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Quick ways to change the color of your car

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Just a few years ago, changing the color of the bodywork was associated with high expenses and the need to leave the car for a few days at the paint shop. The reason was the disassembly of all body elements and the application of several layers of varnish. Today we can use not only faster, but also cheaper ways to change the color of our car.

Car wrapping

The first method that is gaining more and more supporters is car wrapping. This method is ideal if you want to change the body color often without having to dismantle the bodywork. Sticking a special foil imitating varnish is much less time-consuming and cheaper than laying a new layer of varnish. Covering the entire car costs about PLN 3,000, which, compared to painting (even PLN 6-8,000), is a small expense. The films are also durable, and their warranty can be up to 10 years. They are also an additional protection against scratches and minor damage (caused, for example, by gravel or stones from the wheels of moving vehicles) and the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Rubber car covers

A novelty on the Polish market are synthetic rubbers, which cover the entire body or its selected elements. Such rubber coatings can also be applied inside the car, including wood. Special preparations are available in the form of a liquid in cans, which are sprayed on selected parts of the vehicle. Such "spray rubber" can also be used to cover the rims - in this case, the dedicated rubber has a thicker and more resistant structure. Before applying the preparation, the element should be thoroughly cleaned, as this affects the duration of the effect. A car covered with a rubber coating can be easily washed in most preparations available in car washes. The material is resistant to both low and high temperatures, but it does not tolerate scratches and cuts well.

If we want to change the color of the car, we do not have to go to the paint shop. We can choose from many colors and textures of special films for wrapping cars or rubber coatings. The undoubted advantage of this solution is speed, lack of invasiveness and the ability to return to the base coat. Lower prices and… the impression we will make on drivers of other vehicles are also important.