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Tuesday, 09 May 2023 18:30

Car rental - is it worth using?

Car rental Car rental pixabay

You don't have a car because you think it's too expensive or you don't drive it so often that it would be profitable for you to maintain it - insurance, inspections or any possible breakdowns, and these are just a few of the costs associated with your own car.

If you don't have your own car, why not just rent one? Recently, car rental has become quite fashionable, so much so that there are over 1,000 car rental companies in Poland, if not more. So why in times when most people have their own car? Probably due to the low prices, you can rent a quite exclusive car for pennies, which normally would be rather hard to have a chance to drive.

Car rentals work very well when you go somewhere for a holiday or weekend or your boss sent you on business trips. This is probably the most common case of using such rentals. Because you know, comfort counts, and you can't take the whole family on holiday by bus or train. There is certainly not a lot of comfort associated with pounding on public transport with bags and luggage. Among other things, that's why people look at car rentals, because convenience is the most important thing.

So much for the rental companies, I encourage you to take advantage of their offer, if only to drive a few hours in a good car, especially since the prices are really decent, so you can treat it as a "test drive" before buying your own car.