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A Dangerous Trend Among the Youth - Lying in Bed for Hours

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Recently, a worrying trend has emerged among the young people in Poland known as "bed rotting". This involves spending long hours in bed, supposedly as a method to cope with overstimulation. Psychologist Dr. Ewa Jarczewska-Gerc, with 20 years of experience in the field of psychology, expresses concern about this phenomenon. She recalls crisis interventions in the homes of teenagers who were mentally drifting into very dark areas, indicating the seriousness of the situation.

Rest or Trap?

At first glance, "bed rotting" might seem like an effective way to rest and cope with stress, but in reality, this trend can lead to negative health outcomes. Dr. Jarczewska-Gerc emphasizes that such behavior has little to do with self-care and could be a slippery slope toward mental health disorders. Representatives of Generation Z, spending time scrolling through social media or watching movies in bed, may not be aware of the long-term consequences of such behavior.

The Importance of Movement for Mental Health

Research indicates that movement is a key component of well-being and mental health. Dr. Jarczewska-Gerc notes that physical activity, even in the form of gentle exercise, is particularly important for the health of our brain. Moving around stimulates the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which contributes to better well-being and brain development. Meanwhile, excessive "rotting in bed" can lead to opposite effects, including a deterioration of mental health.

The trend of "bed rotting" is gaining popularity in Poland, especially among the youth. While it may seem like an attractive form of rest, experts warn about its dark side. It is important for young people to find healthier ways to cope with stress and overstimulation, such as physical activity or spending time outdoors. Healthy habits and a balance between rest and activity can ensure better well-being and protect against potential health issues.