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Medical translations of oncology documentation

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The work of a medical translator is inextricably linked to a thorough understanding of medicine and a rich workshop resulting from many years of experience in the field of "medical translation". In order to become a professional translator of medical documentation, you need to obtain a medical-related education (a human medicine doctor or a veterinarian, a biotechnologist, a physiotherapist) and be fluent in writing in the foreign language into which we translate the text.

 Medical translations of patients' medical records - languages

Patients' oncology records are usually translated into English or German for medical consultation in the USA or Germany, etc. and then undergoing modern anticancer therapies abroad. Because cancer, as the emperor of all diseases, rules and divides at an alarming rate, medical translations are usually done in an express mode, and hospital treatment records and medical records of patients suffering from malignant cancer are usually very extensive. For this reason, it is not uncommon for the project coordinator of a specialist translation agency to delegate several people to a single translation project of such medical papers to significantly speed up the work.

The most dangerous types of cancer

In Poland, colorectal cancer (consumption of processed foods) and lung cancer (more common in smokers) lead the way. Equally dangerous and recently more and more popular are brain glioma or liver cancer. Pancreatic cancer and leukemia tend to progress rapidly, i.e. from the moment of diagnosis to reaching the terminal stage or the death of the patient, usually relatively little time passes, i.e. even just a few weeks. Prostate cancer in men is associated with hypertrophy of this organ and possible pressure on the bladder.

Preventive role of nutrition in neoplastic processes

A diet rich in spices, vegetables and fruits from organic farming, i.e. without poisons in the form of pesticide derivatives used in classic industrial crops, can help prevent cancer. Freshly squeezed juices and healthy salads prepared in this way play a preventive role in cancer processes, because they contain many valuable substances with the potential to repair DNA errors, such as lycopene under the tomato skin, sulforaphane (a type of flavonoid) in broccoli or black pepper activated with piperine curcumin contained in turmeric. In turn, concentrated, fermented (better assimilated) pomegranate juice (the so-called elixir) can reduce the value of PSA (prostate serum antigen), i.e. a cancer marker of prostate cancer, even thousands of times. For this reason, the preventive role of nutrition in cancer processes is an extremely important aspect of health protection, though often overlooked by numerous pharmaceutical lobbies in the mainstream media.

Final reflections on medical translation

It is worth taking a closer look at the health-promoting potential of plants. There are probably only two ways to the goal of staying healthy. Well, either food will be your medicine, or drugs (pharmaceuticals - derived from organic synthesis, i.e. chemical compounds modifying metabolic pathways) will be your food. Medical translations are needed only when, for some reason, we cannot protect ourselves from the disease. Only then does the online medical translator of patients' medical records come into action.