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Methods to Boost Female Libido

Methods to Boost Female Libido Pressematerialien

There can be a number of reasons why women no longer want to be sexually active. The decline in female libido can be caused by a variety of physiological and physical factors.

As we get older and reach menopause, the production of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone tends to naturally decline. However, the problem of declining sexual appetite also affects relatively young women and those who have not yet reached the menopause. This article will look at whether there is a 'Viagra for women' equivalent that can help you reclaim your sexual life.

The reasons for declining libido may be various, such as:

  • Pregnancy: During and after pregnancy, there is an excessive partial or total reduction in the desire for sexual activity. This may be due to the hormonal changes that occur after childbirth. This may be caused by the stress of pregnancy or the compulsive hormonal changes that take place in the postpartum period.
  • Illness and surgery: Some malignant tumors and ovarian surgery result in sex hormone deficiency.
  • Pharmacological treatments, such as some psychiatric drugs, sedatives, anti-epileptics, and medicines for high blood pressure.
  • Vaginal dryness: This condition can make sex uncomfortable and painful, which can have a negative effect on libido and the desire for sex.
  • Psychological aspects such as interpersonal problems, sadness, and anxiety. Mainly as a result of some negative dynamics that have developed within the partnership. They can cause women to experience uncontrollable increases in anxiety, tension, restlessness, and mood swings.
  • Unhealthy lifestyles, especially excessive alcohol and drug abuse.

How to improve a woman's libido during the menopause

Hormone levels fluctuate in frightening and uncontrollable ways, especially after the menopause, affecting relationships and sexual activity. Eating well and exercising are among the things you can do to boost your female libido, as they will help you control your weight, feel more energetic and toned, lift your spirits, and reduce dissatisfaction with your body's perceived lightness, a common menopause symptom. Even these small changes can do wonders to make you feel more attractive and beautiful.

Vitamins, antioxidants, and natural plants such as rhodiola, maca, and Indian ginseng are fantastic supplements to consider to help restore vitality and tone. Natural therapies can be used when stress, impatience, and anxiety are the primary causes.

It's important not to underestimate people's dissatisfaction with sexual activity. Problems such as vaginal dryness can make the act challenging and uncomfortable, which can lead to a loss of interest. In these circumstances, a lubricant and an effective intimate moisturizer can be used together.

Psychological factors should not be underestimated when learning how to improve female libido

You can better understand how to boost the loss of female libido with the use of appropriate psychological support. It is important to share differences, temporary worries, and problems that have arisen within the couple. Talk to your partner if you are experiencing sexual distress, such as decreased desire, as keeping the truth from yourself and your partner will only make the problem worse.

Another tool is behavioral therapy. You can seek the help of a psychotherapist, a specialist who understands how to stimulate the relationship and guide the couple along a desired path of rediscovered awareness, analyzing the factors involved in the decline in libido and determining the most effective means of stimulation to get it back.

The female version of Viagra is called Lovegra

The use of sexual enhancers, a therapeutic strategy recommended to boost libido, is one of the things to undertake.

One of the most notable is a pink pill called Lovegra, sometimes known as the "female Viagra" or "libido pill," which proved to be quite effective. Lovegra belongs to the same class of PDE-5 inhibitors as the well-known blue pill Viagra and has the same active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate.

However, Lovegra has developed a special formulation of Sildenafil Citrate just for women. Lovegra works by increasing blood flow to the genital area, which increases vaginal receptivity and pleasure during sex. Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and uncontrolled frigidity are two physiological and psychological symptoms associated with a lack of desire that it effectively treats. Lovegra combats vaginal dryness by reducing contractions, increasing lubrication, and making intercourse easier and more energetic.

The recommended dose of 100 mg should be taken 30-45 minutes before sexual activity, ideally on an empty stomach. Lovegra takes 4 to 6 hours to become fully effective. Lovegra is not an aphrodisiac, it only works when there is a sexual stimulus.

Lovegra can be bought online without a prescription from any trusted online drugstore. It is recommended that you always check with your doctor, as the Lovegracan be contraindicative with some medications and may have side effects in some individuals. Headache, hot flushes, nausea, runny nose, and dry eyes are some of the most common, mild, and temporary symptoms.

Satisfying one's sexual life is very important for overall harmony and successful living. If you feel like your sexual desire has declined recently, start acting. Find the cause and take proper measures to restore your sexual harmony.