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In the Shadow of Alimony Arrears - The Struggle for Family Survival in Wierzchowin

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In Wierzchowin, a small village in the Lublin Voivodeship, the life of Mr. Tadeusz's family is a daily challenge. He single-handedly raises two children: 14-year-old Barbara and 16-year-old Lukasz. Financial difficulties are a constant reality for them, especially since the children's mother, Ewelina H., despite court orders and an alimony debt of 68,000 złoty, systematically avoids her responsibilities.

What will you learn?

1. What are the long-term consequences of Ewelina H.'s avoidance of alimony payments?
2. How does the lack of alimony affect the daily life of Mr. Tadeusz's children?
3. What legal actions has Mr. Tadeusz taken to enforce alimony payments from his ex-wife?
4. Why does the Maintenance Fund not provide financial support to Mr. Tadeusz's family?
5. What are the obstacles in Lukasz's treatment, and what options does the family have in the absence of NFZ support?

The Endless Battle for Alimony

Over the years, Ewelina H. has neglected her financial duties towards her children, significantly straining Mr. Tadeusz's household budget. Although Ewelina has started a new family and now lives in Włodawie, regular alimony payments continue to be a major issue for her. The Maintenance Fund does not offer support because Mr. Tadeusz's income slightly exceeds the established thresholds. Meanwhile, the children suffer from a lack of basic necessities such as food and medical care.

Court Proceedings Without Results

Mr. Tadeusz is relentless in his efforts to obtain the funds due from his ex-wife. The court case is ongoing, but the existing verdicts—community service and electronic surveillance—have not brought the expected improvements. Lukasz, whose health condition requires expensive surgery, cannot count on quick assistance from the NFZ, and a private procedure is financially unattainable for the family.

The children are victims of their mother's neglect, and their living situation is increasingly dramatic. The need for costly medical treatment and the daily struggle for basic goods show how serious the consequences can be when parents evade responsibility. This story sheds light on the widespread problem of alimony and the challenges faced by single-parent families in Poland.