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Do you love dogs? In this house, you can live with them

 House for Hurt Animals House for Hurt Animals pixabay

In the heart of Wrocław, a unique initiative has been born - the House for Hurt Animals, open to all who dream of living in the company of four-legged friends, while also wanting to contribute to their better tomorrow. This unique place allows you not only to live but also to engage in caring for dogs that need patience, love, and time to trust people again.

A new life for animals in need

The house in Maślice is not your typical shelter. It's a space created with the socialization of dogs in mind, which, for various life tragedies, have been deprived of a home and family. Patrycja Starosta from the Rescue Group emphasizes that animals that learn to live among humans have a much greater chance of finding new guardians. "Animals that are socialized have the highest chance of being adopted," says Starosta, explaining why the idea of a temporary home for dogs is so important.

The recruitment of guardians is already underway

Interest in the project is huge. Just in the first few days after the recruitment opened, more than ten people applied for each place. The House for Hurt Animals offers three rooms for future guardians who can live with the dogs for any period, though the organization hopes for at least a year-long commitment. The rooms are fully equipped and ready to move into for a symbolic rent. It's not just a chance to help animals but also to live in a unique place full of positive emotions and mutual assistance.

Interest exceeds expectations

Among those eager to live in the House for Hurt Animals are both current volunteers and completely new individuals wanting to help. One of them is Małgorzata Hałapacz, a volunteer at the Rescue Group. "When I heard about the recruitment, I knew it was a chance for me," she says. Thanks to such initiatives, many dogs that have experienced trauma in their lives have a chance for a normal, happy life. The House for Hurt Animals is primarily a place full of love, where every dog can feel safe, learn to trust humans, and find their way to a new, loving home.