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Top Tips To Livestream Your Cooking

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Livestreaming is a trend nowadays. Whether be it in gaming, training, or vlogging — even cooking. When a person Livestreams, it increases their popularity and influence all over the world on who watches it. Cooking live streams is probably one of the top activities to live stream today.


Many people want to live stream when they cook as it is a form of vlogging as well. Cooking is a highly interesting activity to do. Plenty of us loves to see delicious dishes being cooked online while learning during the streaming.

Now, one needs to have to follow steps to have a successful and fruitful cooking live stream. Audiences will be engaged and interested more if these live streams are well-planned and well-executed.

With that said, here are the top tips to keep in mind to Livestream your cooking.

Plan Everything

Planning is always the top thing to do when doing something. You can't just cook in front of the camera without a planned series of events within your live stream — this will put off the interest of your audience if they see you mindlessly and aimlessly live streaming.

Think of what you will be cooking, the ingredients, its placement, duration, the camera's position, live streaming platform, props, and even how to engage with your audience during the Livestream. Do a dry run afterward and you will be ready for the Livestream.

Give Your Audience A Heads-Up

For you to accumulate a large audience, you need to notify people of your upcoming live stream. Information, teasers, and other details should be shared ahead of time so that many will come and watch your Livestream.

Double-Check The Internet Connection

Conduct dry runs and testing for your Livestream to make necessary adjustments, especially your internet connection.

Since it is a Livestream, a stable and preferably strong internet connection is a must. This is to avoid lagging your live streaming and disconnecting from the audience. Have a backup plan ready in case of emergency.

Do Not Forget To Get Engaged With Your Audience

Engaging your audience during a Livestream is important if you want them to be long-lasting audiences. If you simply cook and talk all by yourself during the Livestream, your viewers will easily get bored and leave the stream.

In contrast, they will be happy and more interested if they feel like their presence during the Livestream is acknowledged and entertained and will surely watch your live streams again.

Your audience will determine the success rate of your cooking Livestream so make sure to give them notice!

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Audio And Visualizers Should Be In Best Condition

Your video and audio quality must be in their best condition during the Livestream. Clear audio and visualization are a big factor in keeping your audience entertained.

If they find the audio chappy and the video having a video quality of less than 480p or so, they will be disappointed and leave the stream. You can check these during your dry run and still have a backup plan ready in case technical issues come in.

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Practice Your Vocals And Have A List Of Pointers Ready For Your Livestreaming

Doing something live can be nerve-wracking. If you end up unprepared, you will stutter and lose confidence during the Livestream which will disinterest your audience. Thus, you need to have an overview script ready as a guide throughout the live streaming.

Practice speaking so that you won't stutter and have mental blocks. Keep confident.

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Decide Your Livestreaming Platform

Deciding on your live streaming platform is important as well. There are many online platforms you can choose from. You can use Facebook, Youtube Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, Tiktok, and many more!

Choose the platform you are most familiar with to avoid technical difficulties and ensure a smooth-running Livestream.

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Make Sure You Are Enjoying What You Are Doing

If you are doing live streams just to get viewers and popularity, your Livestream will not last, especially when you show it to your audience.

It is important to always be happy with what you are doing so that your viewers will see the genuineness behind everything and support you throughout your cooking live streams.

Entertain yourself and your audience during the Livestream and your success will even reach greater heights.

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Having cooking live streams can be quite easy if you come prepared. Remember to have an appropriate background where you have your Livestream.

Keep your kitchen clean and safe and observe kitchen etiquettes to leave a good impression on your audience.

Start and end your Livestream with an optimistic approach to keep your audience happy and satisfied. Ask for feedback, if necessary, and suggestions as well.

With that, you are now ready to have your cooking livestream!

Get your camera, internet, and kitchen ready for a whole new refreshing live streaming experience.