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What to Consider When Hiring a React JS Developer?

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The following is an example of how the demand for React - it tops the list of yearly surveys for Stack Overflow for the most in-demand frameworks year after year, consequently there is an enormous growth in skill sets for React engineers.

IT recruiters often find themselves in the predicament of not getting resumes with a lot of experience and relevant skills. The biggest problem they really face is that they don't know what skills to look for. 

When hiring a React developer, there's a lot of complicated and time-consuming processes involved. So, how do you hire the best developer for your business with react js development services

What does a Reactjs developer do?

REact ( also referred to as the React.js or ReactJS) library is an open source javascript library used for building highly interactivity-based user interfaces (UIs). From the perspective of webs and web apps, a UI is a collection of on screen screens, lookup bars, button bars, and whatever else a human is interacting with while using a web site or app. React Native was established by FaceBook in 2013 and was used as the foundation for a single web or mobile application ( with React Native). 

The React method helps designers make user experiences in the shape of a tree of small pieces referred to as components. This component is a mixture of HTML and Java that fixes all the logic necessary to render a little part of a bigger user Interface. These components can be each built into consistently complex parts of the application. 

An React.js developer means a frontend software developer who creates websites and web based web applications with javascript and React. He only handles the customer part of the software.

His responsibilities include:

  • creating the interface using HTML and CSS from a designer.
  • coding in Javascript for interactivity and dynamism of the web page (buttons, forms, transitions, slides, animations, etc. must work).
  • setting up audio and video content playback in the web app.
  • manual and auto testing, looking for errors, making corrections and optimizing the program.
  • collaborating with other specialists, such as a web designer, backend programmer, and SEO manager.

A reactive programmer must be able to use different tools to create multi-page websites, web pages, webstores, and online stores. Knowledge and skills depend on qualifications.

Top skills to look for while hiring a Reactjs developer

A reactive programmer must be able to use a variety of tools to create multi-page websites, web pages, web stores, and web applications for the company. Knowledge and skills depend on qualifications, but there are general requirements for anyone in the industry.

A developer needs to:

  1. Know HTML markup language, CSS cascading style sheets, and Javascript syntax.
  2. Understand React.js programming.
  3. Use Photoshop or another graphics editor, such as Figma, to work with a website layout.
  4. Test code manually and with specialized software.
  5. Have a good command of English at the level of reading technical documentation.

But that's not enough. It is also important to find someone who can work in a team and enjoy it. 

Soft skills to look for while hiring a Reactjs developer

Soft (soft skills) include : 

  • The ability to translate project requirements into specifications.

By quickly and accurately gathering all the necessary information, you can be sure that your future application will meet customer expectations rather than being a waste of time and money. 

  • Sprint planning. 

Teamwork is important in React development because it covers all aspects of software delivery. Thus, the ability to plan and execute sprint tasks is vital to meeting project deadlines and quotas. 

  • Communication skills and openness. 

To work productively and develop at a steady pace, your developers must be able to share their ideas and accept the opinions of others. This style of collaboration is needed every day, not just during the planning phase. 

  • Willingness to learn. 

New tools and approaches appear all the time, so your talents need to keep learning to stay relevant.

  • Problem-solving skills. 

These skills are critical to both solving technical debt and keeping team morale high.

  • Providing and accepting constructive feedback. 

When team members look for ways to get better instead of blaming someone, everyone wins. 

Pros of hiring a Reactjs development agency

When you employ a React Developer on your business needs, you'll get some extra advantages. We present to you today a few of these perks.  

Matching Expectations: Hiring a react developer for your project doesn't mean you have to worry about the quality of the project. This is because react developers are professionals. And they can develop the project according to your requirements. Generally, you can meet your expectations by getting a quality project if you hire a react developer.

Give your preferences: By hiring a react developer for your project, you are able to work with them according to your needs at a lower cost. And you can customize your project. Also, you can choose a developer from your preferred time zone.

All in all, hiring a freelance react-developer for a commercial project is a wise decision.