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Chilling footage - tourists stuck on crowded via ferrata

tourists stuck on crowded via ferrata tourists stuck on crowded via ferrata pixabay

Mount Yandang, located about 400 km south of Shanghai, is not as high as many other famous peaks around the world, but it is gaining popularity among mountain adventure enthusiasts. Its picturesque landscapes and unique climbing routes, such as the via ferrata, attract throngs of tourists.


What will you learn?

1. What happened on Mount Yandang last weekend?
2. What dangers does a congestion on the via ferrata entail?
3. What organizational mistakes did the caretakers of the via ferrata admit to?
4. What solutions could prevent similar situations in the future?
5. What is the importance of proper organization in mountain tourism?

Recently, however, this local tourist attraction became the scene of an unusual event that caused a wide response. The last weekend brought a real siege—crowds of tourists, enticed by the beauty and challenge posed by the via ferrata, got stuck in a traffic jam on the climbing route, creating dangerous conditions.

Lack of proper organization

The organizers of the via ferrata, the Wenzhou Dingcheng Sports Development company, faced the difficult task of managing an unexpectedly large number of tourists. As they admitted, the unexpected surge in interest in the route and the lack of an online ticket reservation system contributed to the chaos. Tickets were sold on-site to anyone interested, which, combined with the May weekend when many Chinese take time off for Labor Day, created perfect conditions for excessive crowding. Mountain tourism, though attractive, requires proper planning and management to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors.

Need for new solutions

The incident on Mount Yandang highlighted the need for new organizational solutions in areas heavily visited by tourists. The possibility of online reservations, contingents of admitted people, and even temporary restrictions could greatly improve the situation and prevent similar events in the future. Additionally, promoting responsible tourism and educating visitors about the dangers associated with overcrowding on popular routes can contribute to increased awareness and reduced risk.

The incident on the via ferrata of Mount Yandang, although full of drama, became a valuable lesson for those managing mountain tourism, showing that natural beauty and tourist attractions, to be safely and comfortably accessible, require not only good infrastructure but also thoughtful organization.