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Biography of Chertok Felix — the story of creating successful and responsible business

Felix Chertok Felix Chertok

Who are modern businessmen? What competencies should a person possess in the turbulent 21st century in order to create a successful and stable business? What is needed for this? Each entrepreneur's story is unique. And each inspires and helps to put together this complex puzzle of opening your own business and balancing work and personal life.


From the biography of Chertok Felix, we see how passion and dedication help to create enterprises that withstand even the most powerful economic storm.

The life path of Felix Chertok

Felix Chertok is a successful entrepreneur, investor and strategist from the city of Dnipro, Ukraine. The man creates an environment for the successful development of new companies on the market. Chertok Felix actively implements the latest technologies in his work - his enterprises operate according to the most modern practices. This includes continuous improvement of the sales process, expansion of the distribution network of brands in Ukraine and Europe, systematization of the company's business processes for efficient work and better interaction with partners.

Felix Chertok believes that to be successful, an entrepreneur must be a leader with a clear goal to attract people, train them and get them interested in work. The entrepreneur establishes businesses that respect and support employees, adhere to the principles of fair market competition and, above all, prioritize the needs of consumers.

The business path for Chertok Felix began at the age of 16 with a small video cassette rental company. At that time, this was a very active area of the market, and Felix Chertok was looking for a business that he would like to move through life with. A few years later, in 1994, Chertok Felix started working in business — engaged in wholesale trade in high-quality alcohol and food products.

This is an extremely active sector of the market, in which everything changes every day. From suppliers to consumer preferences. Felix Chertok planned to create a company that would change the market — an example of stability and high quality that consumers could always rely on. This is how the "AV" Trading House came into being - now the company supplies more than 24 million bottles of various high-quality alcohol to the market every year. The company is growing and currently provides jobs for more than 370 specialists.

These are the brands that you have seen on the shelves of supermarkets in Ukraine and abroad:

  • Green Day. High-tech premium vodka produced using ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY™ technology. Thanks to it, it was possible to repeat the natural filtration processes, and the finished product has 2.5 times less fusel oils and aldehydes than required by safety standards. The company cares about the planet Earth, so production meets international environmental standards ISO 14024, which are upheld in 56 countries. Its requirements make it possible to minimize emissions into the ecosystem;
  • Ukrainka. The vodka appeared in 2006 as an ideological response of the creative team of the "AV" Trading House to other vodkas in the world. "Symbol vodkas are not new to the world market. For Finns, it is Finlandia vodka, for Danes it is the famous Danzka. The TH "AV" team decided to create a unique Ukrainian vodka, which will also become a powerful national symbol on the international stage," — says Chertok Felix. In order to support the positioning with actual characteristics, the vodka is created according to an old classic Ukrainian recipe - on melted water;
  • Dovbush Carpathian. In Ukraine, the cognac brand appeared in 2019 and is now actively developing, even during a full-scale invasion. The company introduced a new product — honey cognac, which combines the sweetness of honey and the taste of the classic drink;
  • Helsinki;
  • Adjari;
  • Kristi Valley wines;
  • Kosher Collection wines.

Felix Chertok on responsible alcohol consumption

"AV" Trading House cooperates only with networks that guarantee compliance with the law. That is, they sell alcohol in the permitted time, because in Ukraine there are additional restrictions on its distribution due to martial law, they provide it only to adults and only licensed safe products.

Currently, Chertok Felix invests resources in the development and promotion of IT projects that will help businesses to work more efficiently, and specialists to engage in creative work by automating business processes. These developments are already being tested in the work of the "AV" Trading House, to be presented to the public later. Among the IT projects:

  1. BLITS — a mobile commerce application for distribution companies. Its integration helps to increase sales, optimize the company's processes and increase control over all stages of work.
  2. The electronic document management program, which automates the work process in companies with decentralized management and a developed network of representative offices.
  3. Electronic system for tender procurement of goods and services, logistics. The development will help to build an effective chain of interaction between the customer and the contractor.

Thanks to many years of experience in the business environment, Felix Chertok has formed five stages of creating and developing a successful business in the international arena.

Chertok Felix tips on creating a successful international business

Felix Chertok divided the brand creation process into five points.

  1. Work on a brand you're passionate about

Study the idea, the purpose of the company, be sincerely interested in what you will work with. According to Chertok Felix, this guarantees 99% of the brand success. The businessman believes that at the center of everything should always be the consumer, for whom you create products with added value.

And where to get these values? They should derive from the unique characteristics of the brand - something that other companies do not have. Authenticity above all else - borrowed ideas will only damage the reputation and can negatively affect the trust of users.

  1. Create a brand value proposition

Felix Chertok identifies five values that should be in the philosophy of every company:

  • 100% quality: not in words, but in actions. From the idea to customer service, quality should be a priority at every stage of product creation and promotion. It plays a crucial role in building the trust among consumers, who will then buy your goods or services again and recommend them to others;
  • people who are motivated by their work. Chertok Feliks emphasizes that a team that shares the owner's values, believes in the brand and is interested in its development is an unstoppable force. At the "AV" Trading House, every employee has the opportunity to express themselves creatively and influence the company's work;
  • consumers at the heart of the business. At the "AV" Trading House, the wishes and feedback of customers are taken into account, constantly improving the product - because all processes are configured to meet the needs of the audience;
  • implementation of technologies and modern processes. Innovations help create a comfortable work environment, free specialists from repetitive work and create space for the development of creative ideas;
  • the desire to achieve more: Felix Chertok firmly believes that business should always strive to be better and never stop. Thanks to this, the company is constantly improving to meet the needs of consumers and strengthen its position on the market.
  1. Support the community

Just as ta friend in need is a friend indeed, socially responsible business is best seen in a crisis. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Chertok Feliks and the “AV” Trading House have started helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, internally displaced persons and victims of russian aggression. The company provided all the workers who went to defend the country with the necessary equipment and secured jobs for them.

Felix Chertok launched the headquarters of financial and humanitarian aid within the framework of the projects of the Jewish community in the city of Dnipro, which is located near Zaporizhzhia and the front line.

Trading House "AV" adheres to corporate social responsibility and, despite the war, is determined to preserve the team and jobs, and create a safe environment for work.

  1. Expand your business

If you want to achieve international success, don't be afraid to take risks. Now, more than ever, it is important that Ukrainian brands are represented on the international market. Felix Chertok encourages you to be bold and develop ideas that drive and excite you.

High-quality Ukrainian products can change the world's perception of doing business and the area of responsibility of enterprises.

  1. Invest in Ukraine’s future

Feliks Chertok is confident in Ukraine's successful future on the world stage. The man is already investing in Ukrainian IT startups, promoting new products within the framework of the "AV" Trading House. The businessman is sure that such an unwavering position helps other entrepreneurs and international partners to believe in Ukraine and invest in its development.

The Feliks Chertok dossier is a story of how unwavering belief in oneself, one's business and one's community leads to outstanding results.