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Monday, 08 May 2023 20:17

Why is it worth taking legal work in the Netherlands?

legal work in the Netherlands legal work in the Netherlands pixabay

Gone are the days when the applicable regulations did not make it easier for Poles to take up legal work in foreign countries. Today, every person emigrating for work can easily take up legal employment with a full insurance package that is in force in a given country and the period of which is added to the length of service in Poland.

 Working in the Netherlands immediately does not require obtaining special permits not only for residence, but also for the work itself. It is not even required to prove the accommodation provided earlier. When going to work in the Netherlands, you should take a valid identity card or passport with you in order to take up legal employment. To complete all formalities related to employment, it is also necessary to have a BSN number, which is the equivalent of the Polish PESEL number. Burgerservicenummer is issued by the Dutch Tax Office. A company that specializes in working in the Netherlands, in most cases, on behalf of its clients, even before they start work, applies for a BSN number, which greatly facilitates and additionally speeds up the completion of all necessary formalities.

Just like in our country, even legal work in the Netherlands without the language guarantees minimum wages, which is a huge advantage of this form of employment. The regulations determine the value of the minimum wage depending on the age of the employee. The Netherlands has six minimum wage thresholds based on age. Employees aged up to 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and over 23 can count on others. If in Poland the payment of the minimum wage applies to the entire month and all remuneration components, in the Netherlands it is calculated on a weekly basis and does not include receivables resulting from the payment of overtime hours. People with higher education can count on the highest salary in the Netherlands. However, due to the current labor market, any person will easily find legal employment with Dutch insurance.