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Is it worth becoming a beauty consultant?

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There are many stereotypes associated with the profession of a beauty consultant that do not have much confirmation in reality. Conventional opinions are often detrimental to the profession and are based on incorrect premises and false assumptions. We decided to take a closer look at the most popular of them.

 Consultant remuneration

The consultant's remuneration depends mainly on how many products she manages to sell in a particular month. The starting rate is 25% of the entire turnover, but with time and increasing the effectiveness of sales, these shares may increase. According to statistics provided by the largest cosmetic companies that use this sales model, some cosmetic consultants earn as much as PLN 100,000 per month. As you can see, this is quite a significant salary, so the thesis that it is a low-paying profession is not true. The truth is, however, that in the absence of activity and commitment to work, a cosmetic company consultant will earn rather little.

Professional development of a cosmetic consultant

Working as a beauty consultant requires the development of strong sales skills and the development of a number of interpersonal skills that allow you to create a network of business contacts. Thanks to such contacts, a professional cosmetic consultant can increase sales. The ability to acquire such knowledge is highly valued on the labor market. Cosmetic companies themselves also provide their consultants with a number of trainings, thanks to which they have a chance to constantly improve their qualifications.

The nature of the consultant's work

Some people think that the work of a cosmetic consultant is about acquisition. This is a big mistake, in fact, this profession has little to do with such activities. Professionals acquire their contacts and sell products in a completely different way. They always care about effective operation, and the acquisition itself is characterized by a low degree of effectiveness.