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Monday, 08 May 2023 20:10

Is it worth investing in outdoor advertising?

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Every business needs promotion. Even the best service and product, as long as they remain unknown, have no chance to arouse the interest of potential customers. And only acquiring new buyers is really a chance not only for the success of a given company, but first of all for staying on the market, which is very difficult.

Of course, at this point you can argue that the best things advertise themselves and the promotion is actually done by customers, passing information from mouth to mouth. But this is also marketing, specifically word-of-mouth marketing. However, the company has no influence on it, so it must focus on achieving promotional success in a different way.

Nowadays, when many people say "marketing", they really mean "internet marketing". This is justified as we actually spend most of our time online. However, the ads appearing there are so often irritating and inaccurate that they arouse reluctance rather than interest. Not to mention ad blockers – then the promotional content does not reach the potential customer at all.

What about traditional advertising? Has she completely gone away? It turns out quite the opposite. Outdoor advertising media have many advantages and after a period of decline in popularity, they are again very popular.

First of all, it is impossible to impose a blockade on outdoor advertising, there is no effective program for it. Colorful advertisements often fall into our eyes in passing, while driving a car or bus, walking around the city, visiting a clinic, etc. We often do not even realize it. But what remains in the subconscious is what the creator of the advertisement wanted to convey to us. Very often, outdoor advertising is simply visually attractive. They are more based on graphics than on the verbal layer, so they reach the audience even more.

External media, such as advertising balloons, screens, flags, gates, etc. also accompany us during outdoor events. Probably everyone at least once in their life got a colorful balloon with the company's logo, which was given by a smiling hostess...

So is it worth using this form of promotion? Definitely yes! This may not necessarily convey information about the company and its products, but it is an effective way to increase brand recognition, logo and colors.