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Nutrition for better well-being

Nutrition for better well-being Nutrition for better well-being pixabay

It has long been known that a proper diet is the perfect way to feel better. Not only exercise but also a rich menu affects how we feel and look. But not everyone has the self-discipline or knowledge to start a new way of eating. That is why it is worth bringing closer what and how to change to feel better in your body and not starve.

Not only meat

Usually, when spring comes, we start exercising to improve our figure and mood before the holidays. With more physical effort, it is also worth strengthening the body from the inside. Some people, however, find it difficult to imagine a dinner where meat is replaced with something else. However, beans, soybeans and other legumes are also filling and contain just as much protein. Therefore, when thinking about diversifying the menu, it is worth looking for recipes using them. Another way might be to eat fish more often. They contain not only healthy fatty acids, but also vitamins A, D and E. Thanks to them, we will have healthier hair or nails, which certainly appeals to women. In addition, B vitamins will improve the functioning of our digestive system and other organs. And that's just by replacing meat with fish.

Fruits vegetables

In addition to replacing meat, we can also eat more vegetables and fruits. According to the food pyramid, they should be eaten at least 4 times a day, i.e. with each meal. But that doesn't mean eating lettuce alone for breakfast. Owners of a juicer can use it to make nutritious vegetable or fruit juices that will cover the daily need for many vitamins. However, without such equipment in your kitchen, you can still increase your daily dose of fruit or vegetables. For example, giving up bars and such snacks in favor of apples, oranges, bananas or even carrots. However, these are not the only suggestions. In addition, we can make many healthy salads containing not only vegetables or seeds, but also chicken or tuna. They will be perfect for a second breakfast or an early dinner. And without starving.

As you can see, there are many ways to refresh your menu for spring. Especially when there is a spring crop of vegetables that are hard to find in winter. Fresh asparagus, cabbage or even carrots taste much better a few hours after picking than after hours spent in the freezer. Such doses of vitamins will improve the well-being and condition of our body.